On episode #140 we are chatting with Cam Baker about the New Zealand bike scene, how it has grown over the last number of years, seeing the opening of new trails, better infrastructure and how NZ Mountain Biker Magazine is playing a large part in making this happen, with practical and informative features, spreading the stoke and bringing MTB communities together.

NZ Mountain Biker is a magazine written by mountain bikers for mountain bikers and is based out of Auckland on the north island of New Zealand. I have been following them on Instagram for some time but after I had Monika Mixova on the show in episode #137 (listen here) and she talked about how much she loved the island, it got me thinking about the number of people I know who have visited the New Zealand (mainly for surfing) and fell in love with the place. Was this the same for mountain biking? Surely it couldn’t also have awesome mountain bike trails? It has great ski resorts and mountains so why not great mountain biking?

So I decided to reach out and ask the crew at NZ Mountain Biker if they would like to come on the podcast and share their knowledge on the MTB scene, what their trails are like, why we should visit, how their magazine got started, what it includes for the MTB rider, how to get their free online copy (click here) and why nobody wants to leave that place once they visit!


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