Leatt introduced four new shoes to their ever-evolving lineup this year. Now offering protection and clothing products to cover riders from head to toe, Leatt is relentless in their pursuit to continue evolving their brand. Bold moves into new product categories can pay off, but they can also bite back if the product isn’t as good as other offerings in their lineup. Despite their success in creating tons of really awesome protective and clothing items, and even a solid flat pedal shoe that we recently reviewed here, the DBX 5.0 clipless shoes just haven’t won us over. Read on to find out why.

The DBX 5.0 Clip is Leatt’s weather resistant shoe that packs some great features for inclement weather. It has several well thought out features including a highly abrasion and water- resistant outsole, walk compatible shank, and a unique Speed Lace lacing system as well as their Cross Strap system to cinch down the shoes.


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