Who are the people behind ENDURO Magazine? What does it take to create one of the world’s most popular bike magazines? How and where do you find the right colleagues and what makes the ENDURO team so special? This is a story about € 6,000 from grandma Schmitt, racing DNA and a pioneering spirit.

For over nine years, ENDURO Magazine has been providing you with the most important reviews, inspiration, pioneering content and more. Anyone who’s been with us from the beginning knows how hard we rocked enduro races in our mid-twenties, organised trail parties and Tinder campaigns, and raced a Defender and a Porsche 993 to go ride in the Black Forest – we were always at the limit, and sometimes overstepped it. The fact is that we’ve grown older and some of us have even settled down to start families. In turn, the magazine, team and company have also matured and grown wiser. Over the years, we’ve become an international family that holds together through thick and thin while leading truly extraordinary lives.


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