Japan hasn’t featured much on the mountain bike world stage since the Arai Mountain World Cup at the turn of the millennium, but with the Tokyo Olympics due to take place in 12 months time, that won’t be the case for long.

One Japanese rider hoping to help increase Japan’s presence on the sport is Tomomi Nishikubo. Inspired by watching his idols Fabio Wibmer and Danny MacAskill, the former Japanese trials champion has moved onto shooting narrative-led street trials videos full time. His videos have begun picking up traction and his latest big project, Chase Her, is rapidly approaching 3 million views. Now he has joined the same management as his European contemporaries and we don’t think it will be long until he’s held in the same esteem as them. We caught up with Tomomi to learn more about his route into viral success and what’s next on the horizon.


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