The sensation of being physically attached to a bike inspires confidence in some folks while welling fear in others. A growing number of riders and racers have started ditching their cleats in favor of flat pedals over the past few years, and I recently had a chance to chat with one of them about the benefits of their newfound platform.

Veteran shredder Sean Corey lives in Vancouver, Washington, a shadow city alongside Portland’s wafting plumes of freshly roasted coffee and craft beard oil. He began riding mountain bikes sometime during his skate-or-die youth and now spends more weekends at the trailhead than not. Corey lined up for countless XC and cyclocross starts throughout his dirt tenure, always on clipless pedals, as the cultural norms of those genres dictate. In the last several years his riding interests slid heavily toward the gravity category, and in the fall of 2019 he decided to give platform pedals a shot. Thus far, he has largely positive things to report.


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