After a week away for donuting and field testing, we’re back!

Maybe you spotted your first mountain bike after you happened to wander into one. Maybe you spent more time and money in one than you’d ever like to admit. Maybe, if you’re lucky, you’ve spent a few years (or more) working in one. Whatever your history with them might be, local bikes shops have played an undeniably important role in our sport. But the thing is, that role has had to evolve with the internet and changing times.

Our dozenenth episode is all about hallowed ground: The local bike shop. With over thirty years of shop experience between us, Brian, Kazimer, Jimmy-James, and I look back at what our local shops meant to us during the grom-years, recount some of our most memorable customers and stories, and really embrace that ”back in the good ol’ days” vibe. We also make a good case for shop experience, and especially mechanical experience, as an important perspective when it comes to reviewing bikes and components. But as anyone who’s found nothing but an elitist, bro-ski vibe knows, bike shops aren’t always the welcoming, helpful place we wish they were…


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