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Chris Southwood and Mick Ross are the co-founders of Flow Mountain Bike. Above all else, we are mountain bikers, passionate about all facets of our sport. We cut our teeth on Sydney’s trails and we’ve followed our obsession all over the world, on all types of bikes. Flow Mountain Bike exists to inspire; through our words, images and videos we want mountain bikers to find the inspiration to ride more, try something new, travel somewhere fresh, or make mountain biking more central to their life. Flow Mountain Bike is here to educate; we want to help mountain bikers make the right decisions by offering the best information, the fairest product testing and the most trusted advice. Flowmountainbike.com is the leading online resource for Australasian mountain bikers of all disciplines. With up-to-date news from Australia, New Zealand and around the world, new product information, race coverage and more, flowmountainbike.com is the ultimate local web resource that mountain bikers can count on.