The advent of tubeless tires heralded a new era of mountain bike tire technology. Their use is so prolific that almost 100% of mid- to high-end mountain bikes use tubeless tires, but they are also the cause of many riders’ headaches, from setting up to fixing them if you get a flat on the trail with a tubeless tire. The Stan’s DART tool should be able to help many of those flats you get while out riding on the trail, which is a boon for almost every rider. In fact, just today I had a customer buy a brand new set of tires only for the first ride on them to become a bittersweet event. He said at first the bike felt great and he loved the immediate traction of the fresh rubber. However, not long into his ride, psssssssss, a slice, and his ride was over. While the slice was pretty decent, we could tell from our testing that the Stan’s DART plug would have been able to seal up that hole and allow this rider to at least finish his ride. While he probably would have needed to get a new tire afterwards, plugging a tire and finishing a ride back to the car sure beats walking. I’m confident the Stan’s DART tool could have made that quick fix a reality for this customer.


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