Observant riders will have noticed a couple of threaded holes on the backside of their fork brace. For what seems like forever, Fox forks have included them but with nothing to mount there, they left many riders puzzled. SR Suntour and DVO also manufacture their lowers with threaded holes but include fenders with your purchase for some models, while Öhlins, like Fox, gives you holes but no mud guard. Other than the Syncros Trail Fender, which only worked with some Fox forks, there were few products making use of these odd threaded inserts.

That changed late in 2019 when RRP released the Pro Guard Bolt On fender. Available in two sizes, the fender can be – you guessed it – bolted to the fork brace, removing any need for zip ties. Each fender also includes a couple of small adhesive-backed rubber pieces that mount to a specific location and reduce wear on fork lowers.


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