One of the brightest orbs in the vast mountain bike universe is the notion that every rider can improve their technique, no matter how skilled they may be. Once all the tire tech and suspension tuning is sorted, it’s up to us to learn the proper lean. Even World Cup winners spend whole afternoons trying to squeeze tenths of a second out of a turn or two. Letting the bike rip between turns is no biggie, but we can all improve our cornering technique, form, and execution.

Likely every dirt rider has heard or read a phrase that helped us better understand cornering skills, and we recently asked a group of folks to share some of the most useful advice they’ve ever received or given. Some of them are pro enduro and XC racers, others teach MTB skills for a living, and a handful are veteran mountain bike and cyclocross racers with useful words of wisdom to impart. We all know the thrill of nailing a turn faster than before, now let’s dig in and drive that progression toward the apex.


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