I recently have received a couple of messages from readers regarding the Permatex Copper Anti-Seize I use when assembling bikes. I’ve lost count of the number of jars I’ve been through over the years starting with my first few titanium bolts. From bottom brackets to headset cups, to stem bolts, if I want to put something in my bike, have it stay there until I want to remove it, and then make removal easy, this is my go-to. If it’s the best stuff for keeping titanium bolts from bonding to other metals, and keeping other metals from bonding to titanium frames, then why wouldn’t it cross over to other materials?

Doing a wet pedal up the No Quarter climb on Fromme, it dawned on me that we’re approaching Spring Service Season. It seems like the right time to talk about lube since there are many inferior grease and lube products on the market. What works for me may not be ideal for your riding environment, but here’s a quick look at products I prefer in my home shop.


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