From an aesthetics point of view, I’ve never really been a fan of MTB handguards, though some are certainly less ugly than others; namely the moto-inspired AVS Handguards that offer plenty of room for customisation with stickers. That said, I’m still nursing a swollen finger and cut knuckles after an altercation with a tree at the weekend. Thus, for the first time I find myself considering adding a set to my set-up but there aren’t a heap of options out there. Now, GEO Handguards throw their hat in the ring with “the finest, most effective hand guards ever offered for mountain biking”.

GEO Handguards Protect & Deflect

Though a broken finger is nowhere near the worst injury you can do yourself while mountain biking, according to the EWS Enduro Mountain Biking Medical Study, it is in fact fairly severe in terms of the number of days it will keep you off the bike; 62.2. Unless you’re Lewis Buchanan who infamously velcro-taped his broken finger to the grip to continue racing, you’re in for a lot of missed ride time. GEO Handguards claim to keep you safe from trailside objects (trees) that will try their level best to break your fingers when you smash into them (I was just riding along, it came out of nowhere… yeah reet).

For me, it is hard to justify adding more stuff to my already crowded handlebar set-up. When you consider the two brake levers, a shifter, the remote suspension lockout, the dropper remote, and the cycle computer mount, there’s already so much going on. But, safety should come first, right?


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