Do you remember when POC’s founder launched Cake, a brand of mountain bike-inspired electric motorcycles? From the beginning their e-bike to e-moto concept was about reducing emissions and getting outside. Plus, they kept teasing more practical models. Now the new Cake Osa is here, a cross between an e-cargo bike & an e-SUV, and it could be a fun way to ride to the trailhead.

This new Cake Osa is even more of an oddball than the original off-road Kalk. To be fair, as a life-long mountain biker & motorcyclist, I loved riding the Kalk. Its $/€13K pricetag would have been a big obstacle for my budget, and it totally wouldn’t replace any bicycles in my garage. But if I were looking at buying a motorcycle, it would have been top on my list. Especially now that its zero-emission, quiet-running has gone silent with new Gates belt drivetrains.

But now this wacky looking new modular Osa starts out at just half the price of the Kalk, with much more versatility. The Osa is still off-road capable, but with the same general motor output & battery capacity, plus an integrated power station and modular accessory mounts, this one is meant to be zero-emission utility vehicle.


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