A month ago I wrote a piece titled ‘The Plus-Tire Trend Died Quickly, and 29ers are Continuing to Push 27.5 Out of the Picture.’ From the title, it’s probably easy to understand what the article is about. However, the title alone does not encompass the full story.

After speaking with numerous folks in the industry, from bike shop owners, to tire and bike manufacturers, it seems that after many trials, 29ers have become the predominant wheel of choice for mountain bikers and the mountain bike industry. But, 29ers are not a one-size-fits-all solution, and although a lot of people have warmed up to the bigger wheel size, there is still plenty to be excited about when it comes to 27.5. Enter Exhibit A with the 2020 Transition Scout.

Before heading to the Sedona Mountain Bike Festival, I planned out a few demos with brand reps for a couple of first-ride reviews on some very exciting 2020 bikes, including the Ibis Ripmo, the Pivot Switchblade, and lastly the Transition Scout. I have to say even though I was stoked to check out the Ripmo and Switchblade, I was most excited to try the smaller-wheeled, wild-mannered Scout.


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