The idea of a new, larger diameter wheel standard will have many people reaching for their pitchforks and the caps lock key, but what if there’s a good argument to be made for a 32″ wheel? Or even a 36er? For as much as many of us love shiny new gear, we’re a cynical bunch when it comes to the kind of wholesale changes that another wheel size would require. Then again, given that we’ve already been down that trail on 27.5″ wheels, many of us against our will, a weary opinion would be completely reasonable. And expected.

But if 29″ wheels on a trail bike make many things easier, what would happen if wheels got even larger? And should someone who’s 5’5″ be on the same wheel size as someone who’s 6’5″? You guys asked in the comments, so we put some feelers out—and surprisingly, got confirmation that at least one brand is currently testing both 32″ and 36″ wheels.


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