Previously we took a look at 10 little-know German manufacturers making exciting stuff. While Germany has a wealth of companies making cool things in-house, perhaps more than any other country in Europe, it’s time to cast the net a bit further and look to the rest of continental Europe.


Garbaruk originated in Kyiv, Ukraine, but recently re-located to Krakow, Poland. Their portfolio consists nearly exclusively of drivetrain components. From things as small as jockey wheels to complete cassettes, each piece looks to be machined with exquisite detail.

Chainrings in all shapes, sizes, fitments, and colours use teeth profiles with extended heights and shapes to stop muck and grime collecting.

They offer cassettes for 10, 11 and 12-speed drivetrains on a variety of freehub bodies and also machine new derailleur cages to allow sizing up on your cassette with your current drivetrain. In most cases, their cassettes weigh slightly less than the SRAM or Shimano one it would replace. All but the largest cog is machined from a single block of steel and, according to RC, encroach so damn close to the performance of the top tier competitors.

Their derailleur pulleys look like pieces of jewellery and incorporate the mud shedding capabilities of their chainrings. If you’re at this level of bike component upgrading then these should be on your list for sure.


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