Some professional athletes are well known and loved by their local community, as well as their broader racing families, while others hang quietly in the team tent. Miranda Miller falls hard into the former camp, and everyone who has met her has only accolades to share about the Kona athlete.

Miller dusted the podium steps alongside DH racing peers like Rachel Atherton and Tahnée Seagrave, throwing herself down World Cup tracks for several years before making the committed switch to enduro in 2019. The U.S. west coaster was experiencing heightened wrist pain from the large drops and yawning gaps included in the World Cup DH courses, and after racing some EWS events in 2018 she noted that enduro felt notably less jarring for those injuries.

The results table speaks to a spectacular season for Miller, who stood on the podium at EWS round 5 in Les Orres, France, placed 11th at the UCI Downhill World Championships, and only fell outside of the top ten in two EWS events for 2019. I recently had the chance to ask her a few questions ahead of the coming 2020 season, and she offered up some insightful wisdom in her responses.


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