If one picture equates to a thousand words, 10 pictures logically result in some 10,000 unspoken utterances. You’ll be as relieved not to read that much as I was not to write it, even with all this time on our hands. Still the following images do warrant a bit more explanation than that expressed purely by picture power alone and for that I am ready to elaborate. A lot went into these images, some of them at least. For others I was simply present and pushed a button. If that isn’t just photography in a nutshell…

For the last 7 years, my summers have involved taking photographs in and around the art of mountain biking. It has allowed me to live a sheltered, happy existence inside the fanciful bubble that is the ‘MTB World’. Right now, with the unfortunate restrictions on our movements and behaviours, there seems no better time to show some appreciation for some of the incredible places and people within the bike community I’ve had the chance to shoot with thanks to Pinkbike. I’ve dusted the cyber cob-webs off some old hard drives and picked out 10 shots that bring me back on a journey down memory lane for one reason or another. Some old, some new, but all with a little bit of a backstory to while away these surreal quaran-times. And if the much-exaggerated word-count can help me avoid getting fired after a summer without leaving my apartment, it’ll be a great bonus.


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