For 2020, Lewis Buchanan is riding for the Canadian brand Forbidden onboard their high pivot bike the Druid. After a late contract decision from his old team, Lewis was initially left without a team for this year but after a lot of work, he found he was able to build his own program. We caught up with Lewis to talk about the decision to build his own program, finding sponsors and how he is coping with the lack of racing this season.

How was your offseason?

I had a good couple of months off where I had to figure out what I was doing for this year. Whether that was not racing anymore or building my own program. There was a lot of uncertainty as far as what direction I was going in, but yeah basically I was rammed with stuff that I have never done before. Which sounds like a complaint but it’s really not. When I say ‘rammed with a lot of stuff and a lot of stress’, sure it really was but it was also a massive learning curve for me from a kind of business standpoint and trying to figure out truly what I was really worth to companies. So yeah it was busy with a lot of sort of logistical stuff, contracts and deals.


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