Caleb Smith is the marketing manager for Kona. Formerly a resident of Squamish, he moved back home to New Zealand several years ago but spends a fair bit of time at Kona’s HQ in Bellingham as well as up in BC. That’s a hell of a long commute, but given that he’s moving between point A in beautiful Wellington, NZ, and point B(ellingham) – a world-renowned MTB destination – with stops in Squamish, Caleb knows he’s got a pretty good setup despite a lot of long flights each year.

Prior to his gig at Kona, Caleb was one of the publishers of Spoke magazine, and has been involved in mags in other industries as well, but more on that below. Given his strong background in photography, we were keen to get him to train his lens on his ’85 Suzuki, named Lucy, as well as his current 2-wheeled whip, which doesn’t seem to have been bestowed with a name, but is also a beauty.


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