On episode #124 we are chatting with Julia Hofmann and if you haven’t heard of Julia you are missing out. But don’t worry, we have her on the show to share her story and get you stoked about getting out there, riding bikes and making your passion your full time gig. Julia can be found at her very cool website www.sunnyrideoflife.de were you will find all types of great content from her travel blogs to videos capturing her relationship with her sponsors and love for two wheels.

Julia didn’t grow up on bikes and didn’t really get into the mountain biking scene until her late teens. It all happened when Julia got a lend of a downhill bike (yes the first mountain bike she tried was a downhill bike!) headed to her local hills with a few friends and after a day of pedalling she was hooked. It didn’t take Julia long after that initial ride to purchase her own bike, actually it was only one week later when she popped on EBay, found a bike she and her friends thought would be great and made the purchase. The unfortunate thing was that the bike arrived in pieces but with Julia’s background in working around old cars she knew a thing or two about turning spanners and after a quick visit to her local bike shop to ask some advice on how to best build up a bike, she was soon offered a mechanical position helping fix up bikes and sell components.

Julia may not have seen it at the time, but this was the start of a new mountain bike driven lifestyle that she would quickly fall in love with. It took a number of years to get to where she is today but that simple visit to her local bike store changed Julia’s career path and would eventually lead to her living a mountain bike lifestyle she never thought was possible. So put your feet up and have a listen as we chat about working and converting an old Land Rover into a mountain bike travelling hotel in sixteen weeks, riding bikes for a living, working with sponsors, travelling the globe to ride bikes, making films, guiding and heading up bike camps helping get people stoked on riding and having fun.

Enjoy the ride!


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