As the plane glides over the Eastern Himalayan ranges and starts its descent through the clouds, entering Paro airport, the team on board sense that the adventure has already begun. The plane then makes an exhilarating entry onto the runway flanked by lush paddy fields.

At the invitation of His Royal Highness, Prince Jigyel Ugyen Wangchuck, founder of Bhutan Philanthropy Ventures Private Limited (BPV), a commercially operating social enterprise founded to sustain the philanthropic activities of the Tarayana Foundation, organized a visit for Wyn Masters, Cody Kelley, Florent Poilane and film maker Scott Secco.  The four travelled from 3 different continents to test some of the hitherto uncharted routes that the BPV intends to offer as part of a phenomenal mountain biking tour package under the Prince’s direction.


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