While on a ride a few weeks ago, a friend asked me who I thought was the best mountain bike racer of all time, and whether I defer to the stats or my gut to make that decision. How you answer the second question probably says a lot about your personality, but the only correct answer to the first question is Anne-Caroline Chausson. ”Sure, you could make an argument for a dozen or so other names when it comes to second place,” I said to him, ”But this isn’t one of those things that’s up for debate.” Good thing we were at the bottom of a long climb.

Anyways, aside from realizing that my friend is completely wrong about who he thinks mountain bike racing’s G.O.A.T is (Minnaar ties for second with everyone else), I also came to the conclusion that our sport could use some sort of Race of Champions-style event. What the hell is that? The motorsport world has countless formulas and categories, from rally cars, open-wheeled cars like F1 and Indy, touring and stock cars, and even electrics and motorbikes; the Race of Champions takes some of the best from each and pits them against each other in equal machinery at the end of the season.


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