The RockShox SID fork is one of the most iconic xc forks in the racing world today. To continue that legacy, Rockshox has just launched the new RockShox SID, Rockshox SID SL, and Rockshox SIDLuxe. With huge wins in the WorldCup season from Nino Schurter and Kate Courtney along with two world championships again with Nino Schurter and Pauline Ferrand-Prevot it’s safe to say that the SID fork can deliver speed and control. For MY21, Rockshox has taken the SID up a level, releasing two versions of the Ultimate SID forks, the RockShox SID Ultimate and the RockShox SID SL Ultimate fork. The SID has 35mm stanchions and 120mm travel only, beefing up the SID and filling a gap in the newly developed XC+, down-country bike world. The SID SL gets the superlight treatment and keeps its 32mm stanchions and 100mm travel only. Before Rockshox made these two models, there was a small gap in the fork lineup.

An older SID with 32mm stanchions and 120mm felt a bit flexy, while a Pike with 35mm stanchions was a bit too much. That is why the introduction of this new SID with 35mm stanchions will make a ton of riders happy. The fork is designed to be as light as possible but still maintain an extremely high level of performance. Both SID forks come with a new Charger Raceday damper, providing the control you expect from a RockShox Charger damper while also being the lightest damper Rockshox has ever put into production.


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