The new H3C has been slimmed down everywhere possible. It also uses a lighter spring material which brings it closer to the weight of high-volume air shocks. With the weight in check, it comes down to cost and performance. Listen for a straight-shooter’s perspective after three months of ride time. Could this shock make sense for your ride?

H3C Coil Shock Highlights

  • Built for all-mountain and enduro
  • Metric and trunnion mount
  • Sizes: 185×55/50mm, 205×65/60mm, 210×55/50mm and 230×65/60mm overall length x stroke
  • Platform adjustment (3 clicks)
  • Low-speed compression adjustment (16 clicks)
  • Rebound adjustment (12 clicks)
  • Aluminum damper shaft
  • Piggyback reservoir with IFP
  • Polymer hardware
  • Lightweight proprietary metallurgy springs (50 lb/in increments)
  • Claimed Weight: 318g (185x55mm without spring) // 700g (185x55mm with 350 lb/in spring)
  • Verified Weight: 720g (210x55mm with 500 lb/in spring and 30g hardware)
  • MSRP: $399 USD

Q&A With X-Fusion

This shock was originally priced at $599. How did you bring the cost down?

Our new H3C will retail for $399. The initial price was given during the early prototype stages, so we wanted to be careful to not underestimate the pricing without having a clear answer of the production costs. Now that we have the shock dialed in and a clear outlook on productions costs we are proud to offer a high quality rear shock for a very affordable price.


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