Some horses are bred for racing, while others have been trained to carry heavy loads and plow fields. If the Helm Air fork were a steed, it would cover the spectrum from full-throttle-fast to fully-loaded-adventure. Having ridden bikes with Cane Creek headsets for years now, while salivating over their DBcoil shocks, I was pumped when they released the 29″ version of the Helm Air Fork. Its sleek automotive paint aesthetic that envelopes some of the most user-friendly adjustment features on the market had me eager to test one out. I am a sucker for components that are designed with home mechanics in mind.

The Helm is peppered with well thought out bits that I will dig into below, but there are some extra elements worth mentioning. There are measurements printed along the steerer to help dial in the precise cut, a series of holes along the backside of the bridge to bolt a fender to, and the D-Loc axle offers a threadless way to secure the front wheel. Riders who don’t like the D-Loc can replace it with a classic bolt-on axle.


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