Powerful and consistent brakes allow us to ride faster. As counterintuitive as that may sound, it’s an indisputable fact that we all realize when emergency braking into unexpected turns or awkward compressions. The Italian engineering team at Formula has clearly experienced those day-saving moments and designed their Cura 4 brakes accordingly.

Formula has been producing hydraulic braking systems for motorcycles and mountain bikes since the switch away from cable-actuated deceleration. They even made stopper systems for a little brand called Avid at one point. Before releasing this new 4-piston model in 2018, the brand proudly had the only 2-piston brake powerful enough to be mounted on some World Cup gravity sleds, and Loïc Bruni won the 2017 DH World Champs with the Cura 4 prototype he was testing. The engineers took their time to create something better than what they already had, and having used both systems I’d say they nailed it.


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