After quite a successful launch and positive response from riders and media, the original Cushcore has become the benchmark for tire inserts. This in spite of being more difficult to mount than a cranky bull. Following CushCore’s directions drastically improves the mounting experience but they’re still not easy or efficient to work with – not even close.

Despite the accolades and trailside banter about the merits of CushCore, whispers continue through the grapevine questioning their need. Is that much protection necessary for anyone not racing or riding as aggressively as the world’s fastest? What if there was a streamlined version of the original, one that offered some protection and to a lesser extent, the trail comfort provided by the larger one, at a lower weight? Was it even possible?

CushCore founder, Adam Krefting wasn’t keen on slimming the insert down either. He felt the original CushCore is ideal the way it is and that changing the design would make the product less effective. Adam gave in eventually and the CushCore XC was born.


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