There’s this myth that it’s hard to install CushCore inserts. It’s not. Read the instructions, watch the videos, be systematic, but really all you need to know is to tuck that tire bead as far under the insert as possible all the way around and it will go together without an abundance of cursing. Once you’ve done it a few times it’s still a task, but not an undertaking. It’s made even easier for those riders who are managing weight gain by ditching their downhill tires for more pliable single-ply versions.

Removal can be another story. My new favourite game on the trail is to watch for those telltale green valve stems and then sneakily check if either of the rider’s tires are on backward. If you’re wondering, yes I’ve come across a few. I’m a big fan of Gorilla tape and the guarantee my rim is sealed but I’ll tell you when my DH tires bonded to my rim tape with the MEGA-sized Plus-version of CushCore installed it took four beers over two days to get two wheels sorted. So, so frustrating.

I highlight this fact because every day of the week I’ll gladly manage that occasional PITA at tire-swap-time to run CushCore. It’s totally worth it. Every day. Every tech-gnar Shore trail. Especially on the back wheel.


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