Grips are grips, right? Wrong! The innovative RevGrips are the first ever ‘suspended’ grip, isolating your hands from vibrations transmitted through the bar. Retailing for € 99, RevGrips are anything but affordable but if you suffer from arm pump or palm pain, they could prove invaluable.

Targeted at MTB, ATV and BMX riders, the American made RevGrips take a new approach when it comes to shock absorption. The design of the RevGrip is elegantly simple. Instead of being mounted directly onto the bar, the grip sleeve is suspended on rubber inserts held securely inside custom aluminium clamps. This allows the grips to ‘float’ and rotate a few degrees, effectively isolating them from the bar to reduce vibrations. RevGrips are available with an outside diameter of 31, 32.5 and 34 mm for the small, medium and large options respectively in an ultra-soft compound, or a small half-waffle design with a soft compound. The clamps are compatible with any sleeve so once you have brought into the system, you have the opportunity to change the grip sleeve in the future. RevGrip also offers three clamp insert options, the Race, Pro and Eliminator series which provide differing amounts of ‘suspension’ movement on the bar.


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