Back in the 1990s the Carder Brothers started a precision engineering company on the edge of Exmoor, North Devon. They began designing and manufacturing precision medical equipment, but have moved on to designing components for the humble mountain bike. Just now, the brothers have just two products in their range; the CarderTech TWOTWELVE Flat Pedals, and a simple seat clamp. Instagram tells us a CarderTech stem is under prototyping.

The TWOTWELVE Pedals have been over two years in development, thus, we might expect them to be worth every penny of their £94.99 price tag. They take on a fairly aggressive-looking form, with 12 pedal pins; higher than your average number of pins. From initial bench testing to being put through punishing trials by their sponsored riders, CarderTech say they have designed the optimum platform size to give maximum grip and traction.


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