There are two types of tires: the ones you think about and the ones you don’t. The former are the party hounds, wild and fancy-free in revelry. But they’re often a little heavy-handed in their grappling for traction—they demand regular mental check-ins to make sure things don’t go too far sideways, literally. Then there’s the latter type of tire. These are the strong and silent type—boring, bland and generally forgettable on the trail. And that’s a good thing.

I don’t want to think about my tires on a ride. I want to think about my ride, not whether my tire will grab expertly in one turn and not the next. If it will slide out on a random root or skitter across a loose corner if I lean a little too far. When the proverbial feces hits the distributor, distractions need to be minimized—tires are the first point of contact and there’s an element of trust that will either support, or completely tear down, the trust between a rider and their bike. Tioga’s Edge 22 is a tire I’ve come to trust wholeheartedly.


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