Cardrona Bike Park was our home for Day 5. Over the last few years, Cardrona has built an incredible network of trails serviced by the multiple chairlifts the resort runs. Although each stage could be accessed via chairlift it couldn’t be that easy. The racers started the morning with a pedal up the ski field to the peak at almost 1900m. It was exactly what the legs needed to get the day started. Racers dropped into Arcadia for stage 1, a blue trail that starts just off the peak. From there it was a quick chairlift to DTL for stage 2. A stark contrast to stage 1 where riders had a fast open trail, they now faced a much narrower, much faster, much rockier trail. Stage 3 led the racers to Boundry Rider where there were mixed reviews. With no super clear trail to follow it was left to racer’s imaginations on how they wanted to tackle it. MVP of the day has to go to James Eves(USA) who popped his shoulder out mid-stage, carried on and popped it back in midway down the remainder of the stage – you are an animal my friend. The final stage was a biggie, the Peak to Pub. At almost 8km long this was the biggest stage of the week. The name says it all, the trail starts at the ski field peak and finishes at the pub on the valley floor. What more could you want from a final stage?


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