After five days tackling the infamous Chilean anti-grip, the 2020 Andes Pacifico has reached its conclusion on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. The final day of racing saw three stages raced in the Coastal Mountain Range with a total descent of over 2000m. Once again the sun was blazing, the dust was flying, and with the cool waters of the Pacific within sight riders were extra motivated.

In similar fashion to last year, the two Chilean riders Pedro Burns and Florencia EspiƱeira once again took the top spots after winning the final day as well as the four days prior. In the men’s racing, Romain Paulhan settled for second position but unlike 2019 where he was withering a few seconds, he would be nearly two minutes off the pace of Burns. By the final stage, Iago Garay was able to secure a solid third-place finish beating out a charging Greg Callaghan for the final podium spot.

In the women’s race, Florencia EspiƱeira was unstoppable putting over seven minutes into 2nd place finisher, 16 year old Paz Gallo. the final podium spot was snatched up by Kim Harding, whose husband Nick manage to take top honors in the masters category.


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