I’ll start this review by saying I am a pretty small guy. Barely 5’7” and only 135 lbs. So, as you can imagine, finding bike gear that really fits perfectly is difficult, to say the least. Most gloves are too long if they aren’t too tight. Most jerseys are baggy. You get the idea. I had accepted this reality with camelbacks as well and, mostly, just rode with a bottle on the frame. But that changed when I got a new bike in size small (of course) and couldn’t carry enough water for those longer pedals. With no bottle on the frame, I was now required to strap the camelback on, even for a lunch ride, which got annoying real quick.

Enter the hip pack. Now to find the right one…

I had a few parameters:

1) It needed to fit me – be comfortable and unobtrusive
2) It needed to have the ability to carry a bottle or a bladder or both
3) It needed enough extra room for a jacket and ample snacks
4) It needed to be as small as possible and still accomplish all of the above.


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