It’s hard to think about performance eyewear and not think about Oakley. They’ve been around forever and have some of the best optics in the business, of course they also have the price tag that lets you know, they’re proud of that. The Airbrake goggles have been some of our favorites for a couple years now, and with the introduction of new technology, like Prizm, found in their Prizm Low Light glasses we reviewed last year, we’re always excited to get new Oakley products in the mail. We’ve been riding the Airbrake MX goggles on our dirt bikes and DH bikes for a while and are happy to have the new Oakley Airbrake MTB google to join the lineup. We have been wearing these goggles for months now and are happy to report on the Airbrake MTB and the differences between this and the Airbrake MX google.


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