Not in the mood for a big, hot sweaty backpack? But where are you going to put all your stuff? The solution: hip packs, bum bags, waist packs. Call them what you want, they are more popular than ever and we’re big fans too. Reason enough for us to pick 24 of the most exciting models and put them through a thorough comparison test.

If your backpack weighs a ton and you tend to carry a set of spare clothing, or if you’re crazy enough to ride with half of your camera equipment on your back, a hip bag might not be your best choice – and this test uninteresting. But if you’re looking for a practical way to carry all your trail essentials, like basic tools, a mobile phone, energy bars and even a light windstopper without having to schlep around a huge backpack, a fanny pack might just be what you’re looking for! Perhaps you’ve already jumped on the hip-wagon: In both cases, this test will tell you pretty much everything you need to know about your next hip bag.


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