The southwestern United States is home to one of the most unique environments and ecosystems in the entire country. Tucson is no exception, being extremely close to the US-Mexico border. Sedona was always my go-to for riding in this area, however, I may have found a new favorite place to shred.

With most of the destinations I’ve had the chance to cover for Pinkbike, we hit a few different locations in a state. However, Tucson was super unique and enough of a treasure to have its own entire piece.

Mount Lemmon is an absolute unit of a landmark in Tucson, with over 7,000 vertical feet of elevation in an area that’s accustomed to the 2389’ base. There are hardly any locations on the planet that compare to this spectacle.

A little background on the trails:

Mount Lemmon trails are managed by TORCA (Tucson Off-Road Cyclists and Activists). There are about 60 miles of trail to maintain on Mount Lemmon, which is under the jurisdiction of the Coronado National Forest.

Locally, in-town trails in Pima County are managed by SDMB (Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists). There are a couple of hundred miles of trail in metro Tucson, including the famous Arizona Trail which includes 750 miles from the Mexico/US border to the top of the state, near Utah.


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