Continuing with the series “Focus On” (our first article featured Brevard in late April), next up is the mountain biking Mecca, Moab.  Virtually every mountain biker has heard of Moab, but there are plenty who haven’t experienced it for themselves- and that’s why we love it.  The type of riding you’ll get in Moab is like nowhere else on earth, with a unique combination of singletrack and technical rock, sure to push even the best riders.

What You Can Expect

As mentioned above, Moab is a unique combination of dirt singletrack and technical rock, which is unlike anywhere else in the US (and probably on earth).  The type of riding you’ll experience on our trips requires tip-top technical skills, so come prepared!  Don’t worry though, we’ve got the perfect formula to ease you into conquering more terrain than you thought possible.

Beginning near the Navajo Rocks trail system on Day One and ending with The Whole Enchilada and Captain Ahab, each ride progressively builds up in technical difficulty, all the while keeping you on your toes.  From steep slickrock rolls to small drops, to climbing step-ups, to hauling ass at 20 mph through a “mine field”, this trip is one for the books.  Remember, there’s definitely still climbing involved in Moab- aside from the Whole Enchilada day, when it’s minimal- so be sure to arrive in shape having put in plenty of miles this spring!


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