A generous share of modern trail and enduro bikes are designed to hop on and ride without adjusting our riding style much from any other bike. While geometry and suspension nuances do create unique ride characteristics, the bikes don’t ask riders to adjust. The enduro-race-bred Foxy RR from Mondraker is no such bike. The brand’s Forward Geometry begs a more forward riding posture, and the benefits are clear once you adjust to its long front-center approach.

The size medium Foxy RR I tested has the longest reach I’ve experienced to date, at 470mm, while the shorter 435mm chainstays push the Foxy in a more playful direction than I would expect from such a stretched sled. Mondraker went with a touch steeper 66° head tube angle to pull the wheels back together slightly, and an average 75.5° seat tube angle. The bike’s heavily reinforced 100mm head tube keeps the stack height to a manageable 614mm, allowing owners a good amount of space to set up their cockpit height as they wish.

The 29″ wheels are damped by a 160mm fork and 150mm of rear axle travel, culminating in a bike that can match nearly anyone’s speed and send desires.


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