We all knew that eMTB engineers would eventually find the golden ticket to make their battery-powered pedalers feel more like muscle-powered bikes, which is something a lot of eMTB buyers have been asking for. Folks want a little help on the climbs from a bike that otherwise rides like their much lighter machines. Many of the current electric mountain bikes on the market feel so glued to the dirt that their pilots need a dedicated gym habit in order to ride them playfully. This was the primary element Santa Cruz set out to address with their 2020 Heckler CC.

The Heckler is on the lighter side for an electric bike, tipping the balance between 46 and 48lbs (21-21.5kg) depending on the build. With about 50% more heft than a similarly specced non-electric mountain bike, Santa Cruz was not about to find playfulness in a weight loss program alone. Instead, they looked to the suspension to add a little loft and liveliness.


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