The 2020 Norco Sight is billed as a versatile all-mountain bike with modern frame geometry and suspension kinematics. The 2020 iteration of the Sight has undergone a major shift from the previous 2019 edition, with an increase in suspension travel and revamped geometry that features a slack head angle, lengthened reach and wheelbase, and significantly steeper seat tube angle.

Thanks to modern suspension, an all mountain bike now features six inches of front and rear travel; this approach is spot on for the riding many of us do in the PNW, as our rides consist of everything from all-day pedal fests to shuttle runs, bike park and flow trail sessions. If you want to get specific, the Sight has 150 millimeters of rear wheel movement, paired with a 160 fork. The C3 model in my possession has a Fox 36 Elite Fork. What’s interesting is the 63.5º head angle, which makes the Sight the most slacked-out trail bike I’ve ridden to date. The medium I’m riding has a 1220mm wheelbase, which is longer than the medium 2016 Norco Aurum DH frame I was running just a season ago.. which is kinda crazy when you think about it.

Yes, for the old school Forest Service trails, you’re overbiked on a ride like the Sight. (Though on those old school trails you may as well run a hardtail anyway) However, when you consider the fact we’re pedaling up to ride trails we used to shuttle on downhill bikes, it really is just right.


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